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MOT Test Centre and Garage Services in Runcorn
Specialising in MOT Testing, Garage Services, Full and Interim Services, Brakes, Suspension, Clutches, Gearboxes, Electronics, Air Conditioning and Tyres

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Tips For Drivers

Get the car serviced regularly (according to the manufacturer's schedule) to maintain engine efficiency and fuel saving.
Check your oil at least every fortnight and before any long journey. We recommended service intervals and having the oil and filter changed at recommended service intervals and if you find you are using a high oil consumption can indicate engine problems.
Replace wiper blades least once a year as they will wear down over time and smear the windscreen if they become worn. Check and top up regularly - with a good screenwash additive through summer and winter - water alone won't clear oily road grime and freezes more readily in winter..
Check tyre pressures, tyre tread and condition. Know the correct tyre pressures for your car and check them at least every two weeks. Look for cuts on sidewalls. If any one tyre needs regular top-ups, it may have a slow puncture. Don't forget to check the spare as well.
Check the coolant level regularly and top up as necessary ? but only when the engine is cold. Have us check antifreeze concentration before winter. Antifreeze prevents the build-up of corrosion within the cooling system as well as stopping the coolant freezing so is important all year round..
Most problems with cars are fairly common, shared by millions of drivers on any given day. The good thing is that often these common car problems are nothing serious and can, in fact, be a way of giving you enough warning to avoid serious problems in the future.

One of the most common complaints of drivers is the engine making an annoying knocking sound. In most cases, an engine knock is caused by too great a clearance between the components located in the valve train. Unfortunately, a persistent engine knock is one common problem best addressed by a qualified mechanic
That squeaky sound produced by the brakes can cause you to crank up the radio volume to full blast just to drown it out, but don't confuse drowning out squeaky brakes with curing them. The squeal of the brakes is caused by vibration of the pads and the rotors, the pads and the calipers, or the calipers and the mounts--or between the shoes and the drums or the shoes and backing plates. Clearly, squeaking brakes need a mechanic to fix unless you are really good at car maintenance.
When the check engine light comes on and won't go off, it is a sign that your vehicle's computer has detected some problem with the emission system. Determining the exact cause of the emission failure can only be done with a diagnostic scan. However, just because the light stays on it doesn't necessarily mean there is a big expense in your future, because the light can be triggered by any one of a number of minor problems.

Just a few or our Partners

Apec Braking
Full Spec - Full Stop

Back in 1965, a motor parts wholesaler opened in Bristol with the aim of providing exactly what the trade wanted. 50 years on, Apec Braking is firmly established as the leading specialist braking supplier to motor factors throughout the UK and Ireland.



confidence comes from within

With over 45 years' experience, Comma have been able to deliver products ranging from low SAPS engine oils for vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters, to manufacturer approved antifreeze and coolants.



Powering Progress

Solutions to Get Vehicles Back on the Road and Keep Them There. Premium grade parts with OE fit, quality and performance.


OE Quality Solutions

NGK Spark Plugs

NGK has become the brand leader in the UK spark plug market and the number one choice of the professional as a result of its quality, technical excellence and total commitment to Research and Development..


Spark Plugs

Motor Codes Promoting peace of mind for motorists

Motor Codes is the government-backed, self-regulatory body for the motor industry. AP Autos are committed to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute-approved codes of practice.

Motor Codes

Promoting peace of mind for motorists

Approved Garages
The Trusted Local Garage Finder

Approved Garages is a network of independent garages built on trust from the outset. We have carefully selected and vetted each garage to give you, the motorist, confidence when maintaining your vehicle.



Air Conditioning

Recommended that you should recharge your air conditioning system every 2 years with gas and lubricant, in order to keep it running efficiently. Contact Us Now.


Air Conditioning

Bosal Exhausts Exhaust systems for passenger cars

Bosal is a major worldwide supplier to the auto industry of complete exhaust systems including fabricated insulated manifolds and catalytic converters.




Meeting the demands of today?s engines requires a filtration brand that offers outstanding performance and the highest levels of quality, design and manufacture..